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Hello, I’m Joseph S Restivo – a native Floridian who has spent the majority of my life growing up in the beautiful locale of San Diego / Del Mar, California.


At present, I am serving as the President and CEO of American Mortgage Network, a unique company that is 100% employee and veteran-owned. We are an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), but unlike most, we are non-leveraged.

One of our exciting achievements is the pioneering of a new approach to consumer direct lending. We have successfully integrated the personal service level of traditional retail lending with the speed and cost savings of online consumer direct lending. This hybrid consumer direct retail model is a first in the lending industry. Leveraging technology to maximize efficiency, we have managed to close loans in as little as seven days and cut costs for consumers by up to 60%.

Before diving into mortgage banking over two decades ago, my career path was rooted in technology and marketing. I’ve had diverse experience, from network infrastructure to network and server security, and from working with Cisco to Microsoft server administration.


Away from work, I hold a private pilot certificate and relish the thrill of flying small engine general aviation airplanes. I also have a rescue diver certification and find joy in exploring the underwater world in some of the most remote locations globally.

A passionate traveler, I love sampling cuisines from different cultures and discovering new dining experiences. My love for wine has led me to start collecting it. In my downtime, you’ll find me engrossed in a book, taking the boat out on the water, or enjoying music across a variety of genres.

Online Presence

I maintain several blogs online, covering a diverse array of topics from restaurants, hotels, travel adventures, mortgage industry events and news, to marketing tips and tricks. I also enjoy writing reviews for the restaurants and hotels I visit during my travels. These reviews can be found on Google as well as Yelp. One of my retirement goals is to consolidate all my travel content and create a unique YouTube channel, or perhaps even a documentary.

Business Consultancy

My passion in business extends beyond driving success within my own company. I love helping other business owners – be they independent Realtors, loan officers, or small businesses in the communities we serve. With my extensive knowledge in business, technology, marketing, and recently artificial intelligence, I can provide valuable insight into the business tools available for small businesses without the prohibitive cost of enterprise solutions. I currently offer business consulting, online marketing, branding, hyperlocal search engine optimization, and coaching to support these efforts.


Having numerous family and friends in the military and retired military, I felt a personal commitment to contribute back to this community. A few years ago, I initiated a nonprofit foundation to address veteran homelessness. Named Brad & Brea Foundation, we are a 501C3 private foundation. Although a work in progress, we have made some impact due to personal contributions and additional contributions from others, enabling us to donate significantly to the Veterans Community Project, providing homes for homeless veterans.

In all facets of my life, I strive to bring passion, dedication and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether in business or my personal life, I aim to make a positive difference in the world around me.

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